How To Heat Your Hot Tub Or Spa Efficiently

One of the most common hot-tub-related questions I get asked is how long it will take for the water to be heated enough to be ready for use. You probably want to soak in a hot tub in the quickest possible manner, but even the best models can take quite a bit of time to heat the water. But there are plenty of things you can to ensure that youre heating the water quickly and efficiently. Read on for some energy saving tips on how to heat a hot tub or spa.

In most cases, a hot tub can heat water at a rate of 3 to 6 degrees per hour. The speed at which the water gets heated largely depends on several factors. These include the ambient temperature of the surroundings, the presence of a hot tub cover and the condition of the different hot tub components. All of these things play a crucial role in making your hot tub or spa more efficient at heating water, so you must look into each one to get optimal results.

The ambient temperature is something you may not pay attention to when heating water, but it can actually have a huge influence on how fast the water in your tub gets heated. If the temperature outside is warmer, then you should expect the water in your tub to get heated faster. But the colder it is outside, then the more hours you would have to wait for the water to reach your desired temperature. Of course, you have no control over ambient temperatures, so you must find other ways to speed up the process of heating your tub or spa.

One of the most recommended ways of making your hot tub heat up faster is to use a hot tub cover. The sides of the tub are well-insulated to keep the heat inside. However, most of the heat is lost from the top. This is precisely the reason why you should use a hot tub cover. It ensures that no heat escapes, effectively heating the water faster.

You must also make sure that the different components of your hot tub functions optimally. Damages to the heater, filtration system and jets can affect how fast the water is heated. Servicing your hot tub regularly is the best way to make sure that these components are in excellent shape.

Be sure to check out more hot tub heating tips at While theres no magical solution that can make the water in your hot tub heat up at an incredibly fast rate, there are still several things you can do to improve its efficiency. One of the surest ways is by actually buying a gas heater. A gas heater will have the water piping in minutes, no matter what the temperature. But if you only want to use the hot tubs own built in heating elements, by following the tips above, you can quickly heat your hot tub or spa, enabling you to soak in the tub at the soonest possible time while also saving plenty of energy in the process.