What Features To Luxury Home Buyers Want?

What are the ideal features that home seekers want when they are hunting for their dream home? Or should the question be what can you do to your existing home to make It more attractive to potential buyers?

You need to put yourself in their shoes to answer this properly. You need to think like a buyer. What where you like when you bought your first home? Most people move 2-3 times during their lifetime, so it is a big thing.

Most buyers including yourself at one stage would have a feature list of all the items they are looking for in their dream home. Some maybe only do this mentally. Some start out with a vast list of must have essentials and then whittle them down to a more practical and affordable price.

Some want a large backyard. Some want a swimming pool. Some want a pool inside the house. And not all pools are as expensive to put in as opposed to the add on value they increase your property price for. Why are home buyers prepared to pay more for homes with pools? Remember think like a buyer. Heres the psychology of the process.

Its all about desire. People will pay more for something they place a high amount of value on. A pool equals freedom to a lot of people. Once it starts to get warm outside and the humidity sky rockets, anyone that has done a hard days work would like to get home as soon as they can and soak in the pool to relax and forget about their day at work. Once they get home they are in the zone, so that means no more thinking what the boss needs, at home you are the boss, the king of your domain.

Swimming is also great for retired people, who usually have a bit of savings tucked away and arent afraid to spend it. Swimming is a great form of exercise, it isnt complicated and it doesnt require you to leave your home. So as you see swimming has massive appeal. And as earlier stated putting a pool in allows you to make a lot more on the property than the pool costs.

Check out Bath Pool and Spa.com for designs and info on how to do this. Its also worth pointing out that if your property is near the coast and considered luxury, is it almost an essential to have a pool if you want to make the highest sale price for your property.