How To Build A Fairy House

When you are making a fairy garden, you can use a variety of items for your fairy house. Gather together some of the following supplies to create your own fairy house.

- a wooden birdhouse - colourful artificial flowers - artificial birds - dried pods - moss - twigs - a terra cotta pot and tray - wire snips - hot glue gun

Begin by gluing the dried pods to the front and sides of the birdhouse. Rather than trying to hide the hole in the birdhouse, use the back of the birdhouse as the front of the fairy house.

Cut three twigs to create a door for your fairy house and glue them on to the fairy house. Use the centre of a silk flower to create a doorknob. Next, glue moss, pinecone petals, leaves or twigs to cover the roof and the back of your house. You can buy sheets of moss that can easily be placed on the roof and back of the fairy house. This type of moss will allow you to create a chunky look on the roof and sides of the building. The moss can be applied to any area of the fairy home to help give it a rustic look. Once you have completed this step, you can add twigs to create a ladder for your fairy house. Simply cut two twigs the same length for the sides of the ladder and then cut shorter twigs for the rungs. Glue all the pieces together and attach it to the side of your fairy house. Finish the house by adding a few small birds, a tiny birds nest, and some flowers.

Step by Step Directions

1. Use your hot glue gun and glue your dried pods to the front and sides of your birdhouse.

2. Cut two twigs the same size and another twig half the length of the two twigs and glue them over the pod to create a door.

3. Remove the centre from a silk flower and glue it to the centre of the door as a doorknob.

4. Blue moss along the eaves to the house.

5. Glue moss on the back of the fairy house and on the roof.

6. Glue more moss around the foundation of the fairy house, ensuring that all exposed wood is covered.

7. Create a ladder by cutting two twigs the lengths of your birdhouse and cut smaller pieces to act as ladder rungs. Hot glue everything together and glue it to the side of your fairy house.

8. Glue your silk flowers and a small bird to the house to beautify the fairy house.

9. Glue the terra cotta tray to your terra cotta pot to create a bird bath. Glue a couple of birds along the rim and inside the bird bath.

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